How It All Started
Rtwbrokers was established in 2015 to bridge the investment gap, with the goal of improving the investment experience, and providing affordable and reliable market accessibility to everyone, everywhere, regardless of investment size.
After working in the financial industry of over a decade, Rtwbroker’s founder realized that many issues in the investment field were left unaddressed; most importantly, the investment market was not accessible to all types of investors. Investment in certain classes was prohibitive to many, primarily due to the high investment costs associated with certain investments, including high management fees, commissions on trades, etc.. Additionally, many advisors were biased, putting their interest or the interest of their clients’ interests.
Rtwbrokers was born, making the investment market accessible to everyone, regardless of the investment size, by providing affordable, high-quality, tailored services in a fully transparent manner. For example our reduced fees: Investment brokers and portfolio management companies typically charge an investment fee of circa 1.5%. The investment fee at Rtwbrokers, however, does not exceed 0.75%, about a third less.
Today, Rtwbrokers is a one-stop online investment company that services all kinds of investors, regardless of financial status, geographic location, gender, and age group. It provides affordable, high-quality investment products and services, tailored to each type of investor, and delivered at a low cost in a fully transparent manner. In addition, the company plays the role of a fiduciary investment advisor, which means it always puts the client’s interest first, removing conflicts of interest that sometimes can exist between broker and client.
What We Do

At Rtwbrokers, we don’t shy away from doing things differently and staying on top of our game. We are committed to providing new generation investment management using evolved, forward-thinking and effective methods. We believe in making the process easier, faster, and more affordable; hence we offer lowered fees and account minimums and have embraced a smarter, more efficient way to invest.

Rtwbrokers allows you to invest your funds in globally diversified portfolios of low-cost index funds, in a way that is used by savvy, successful investors. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and years of experience, we can minimize risk and maximize returns and help you achieve all your financial goals. We strive to take away complicated, time-consuming tasks of managing your wealth and offer you simple, straightforward access through automatic rebalancing, dividend reinvesting, and always seeking out the best options for your funds. Rtwbrokers is always at your reach and ready to make your financial life a brighter and wealthier one.

Where To Next?
The foundation for Rtwbrokers’s groundbreaking approach is based on access and diversification as a remedy to risk using a Nobel Prize-Winning Academic Research.
Rtwbrokers positioned itself as a decentralized facility with the introduction of blockchain system as a part of transaction to improve the profitability of a portfolio.The company offers both passive indexing investment and factor investing services, including Halal-friendly investment options.
We are driven by the vision to make the world of investing accessible to everyone everywhere.
Our vision is to change the face of investment by revolutionizing the digital investment process and creating opportunities that level the investment playing field to promote “wealth being”.
Our mission is to offer simple, accessible, affordable, and profitable investment solutions to everyone everywhere.
Core Values
Our Promise
Efficiency Efficiency
 Transparency Transparency
 Expertise Expertise
 Value Creation Value Creation
Affordability Affordability