How It works
Invest in a smart customized portfolio at low fees and achieve your financial freedom. The steps are simple:
  • Diversify to help minimize your risk and maximize your return. We invest your global portfolio in the entire stock market using ETFs.
  • Build a customized portfolio based on your risk profile and financial goals.
  • Invest across the stock market and build a customized portfolio of ETFs (exchange-traded funds)
Features and advantages
Investing on autopilot implies benefiting from diverse features, making room for greater performance.
    • Fractional Shares
      Fractional shares: benefit from exposure to an ETF or stock with a higher price per share
    • Automatic Rebalancing
      Automatic rebalancing: enjoy investment portfolio rebalancing as frequently as the market changes
    • Simple Access
      Manage your accounts anytime and from anywhere
    • Dividend Reinvestment
      Dividend reinvestment: we reinvest your stock dividends back into your investment portfolio so you can earn more
    • Compound Interest
      Compound interest: grow your money with minimum effort through compound interest
Your money Is safe and secure
  • Our brokerage is insured through a decentralized system. These providers will charge a percentage for each cryptocurrency unit to protect against hacks or other adverse events.
  • All the data and information are encrypted using the highest security standards.
  • Open your secure account and keep your money safe.
Backed by Nobel Prize-winning research
Research has proven that passive investing — tracking the market over time using a diversified portfolio is the most reliable way to grow your money over the long term.
We take pride in our autopilot solutions. Our algorithm, based on the Nobel Prize-winning formula by Harry Markowitz, has been back-tested for over 10 years and proven viable even during the last financial crisis of 2008.
What makes Rtwbrokers unique
Simple and fast sign up
Open your account in 5 minutes without any paperwork
Free deposit
Fund your account free of charge and get rid of the high wire transfer fees
Hybrid advice (Digital and Human advice)
Our expert financial advisors will take care of any questions to help you have a free mindset
Open an Account with a ClickAway
Answer a few questions about your financial goals
We'll suggest a customized portfolio with any amount and risk appetite.
Open your secure account and keep your money safe